Darnog Campaign 2

The Tower

The Terrible Tall Tower To Travel Through Time

Last time, the little girl the player met finally woke up and decided to go for a swim. After she left, a drunken dwarf stumbled into camp, and after swapping some booze with Mikal Hawke the party headed off without the little girl (GM Opinion: They were fed up with sitting around for a week and wanted to be off). They headed back through town, and after a little buying and selling, they headed back north through the canyon to The Large Tower with the black cloud that the baby flew towards in A.L. 1. When they made it, the leprechaun managed to get his head stuck in the gate while trying to squeeze through. They initiated combat with the hell hounds on the other side of the gate, two of which wriggled out and one of witch stayed attacking the leprechaun. They defeated these and the leprechaun laid down and hid inside the door, at which point a highly intoxicated Mikal Hawke rode up and through the iron portcullis on the back of some sort of dinosaur. Inside the tower they voted and headed to the staircase leading downwards. One of the characters fell through a hole down another floor, and when they cleared B1 and made it to B2, he had just been thrown into an iron maiden, and as they tried to rush over to help, he was dropped down another floor, after a frenzy to clear yet another floor ensued, the characters failed to notice a time ripple (DM: not surprised there, it was a plot ripple .^), and continued down another floor, where they encountered a sleeping Half Cow/Half Humanoid. After a successful knowledge check, they identified it as a minotaur, and the paladin, knowing that minotaurs are usually evil, cast detect evil to check, but the minotaur wasn’t. The Iron Maiden was spotted atop 3 statues surrounding the sleeping minotaur, and after he woke up and they chatted (DM: Yay Diplomacy ^.) They got the minotaur to reach up and pull the iron maiden down. Party reunited and with the new temporary addition of a minotaur and new knowledge of a vault of treasure on the top floor, they headed back upstairs. After Battling their way to the third floor, they came across what looked like a camp of zombies, and after watching a little, they noticed 3 small people in the center fighting them off, they rushed in to help, but the zombies fell dead as the small cleric turned them. The cleric warned them that the attack wasn’t over, and as more zombies piled out of portals around the room, the players realized they had to break them. They succeeded and chatted with the 3 small girls. There were 2 paladins and a cleric (who seemed to be their leader), they learned that the cleric was named Jack and she and the others were what was left of a small church over in the Magical Forest of Man Eating Wasps. They were on a holy mission to retrieve a relic for their god [[Gunther, God of…]] and offered to help the party on their way to the vault. They passed one more floor before coming to a magical maze which the minotaur lead them through, and headed up the staircase to the vault (With some comments of “This better not be like borderlands” along the way). They broke down the doors and instantly say a huge pile of treasure, from wall to wall and more than half way to the ceiling, the ranger also noticed a small evil looking baby, who got up and attempted to start dancing, so he instantly cast a fireball at it, killing it instantly and melting a chunk of the treasure. A Gold Dragon roared and did Dragon-y things as it clambered over the top of the pile and yelled at them for melting part of his horde, and the paladin, realizing that Gold Dragons are usually lawful, Diplomacized (with help from a few others) and the dragon was like “Yah, ok, it happens, thakns for killin that guy, music was getting to my head, couldn’t see well enough to throw him out though. I guess you guys can go on through to the real top level” after which he magically opened a path through the center of his horde to the other side. As they went through the tunnel, they heard him grumbling about his treasure as he started to reshape melted pieces, and as they emerged onto the roof, they found a couple animals, the holy relic, and some other pieces of loot. (Things I failed to mention that may be important later, The “Psion” got an intelligent ring, The dinosaur disappeared after Mikal Hawke rode through on it, they found the dwarf drunk and passed out in the dungeon, the lost the dwarf, the little girl was on the roof again). What will await them after leaving this tower they didn’t bother even asking about? Who is this mysterious little girl? Where did the dwarf go? Stay Tuned .



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