Darnog Campaign 2

February 13, 2010

When Baby Wizards Attack!

Last time in DC2: Started adventuring through a long canyon, found a Paladin/Paladin and a Ranger/Wizard (new players who we recruited) fighting a group of Centaurs. The Ranger/Wizard was being overpowered by the centaurs and eating beef jerky while the Paladin valiantly stood his ground trying to protect him. After this, they headed south and spotted a dark cloud off above part of the mountain range. They continued towards it, but the path split, to their left were a bunch of heads on sticks and a warning sign, to the right, the path continued as normal. They proceeded to not read the warning sign and take the left fork. After about 4 hours (game time) of walking, they came to a lake, and a little farther down a fortress. After a local knowledge check, they found out that it was the camp of the Orcish Terror [[One-Eye]]. They wisely turned around, and after fishing for their daily food (and two players leaving to watch rambo), returned up the path. It was getting dark by the time they got back, so they set up camp at the fork. They set no watch, but nothing befell them during the night. In the morning they continued and happened upon a small forest and a river flowing over the path. They walked under the river and caught a large amount of fish, and after searching around found some salt rocks which they used to preserve most of them. After continuing to the south, they came across another split, one side leading to the forest, and the other leading to a place (another knowledge(local) check) known as the orcish arches. They checked out the forest and ended up getting lost, and camping near a magical glowing stump. They set a watch, but the group of giant nocturnal wasps that roam the forest didn’t come across them. In the morning they checked out the stump and found a trap door on the top of it. A 10 minute climb down the narrow ladder and a crawl through a small tunnel led them to a large cathedral, which the Paladin (knowledge(religion)) Identified as a cathedral of [[Gunther, God of]]. This was an old temple slightly overrun by monsters, and they terrified Stumpy the Goblin and his band, fought some small vipers, and ended up taking on a Gelatinous cube. They exited the dungeon and one spotted a baby in the clearing. Obviously being a suspicious baby, the ranger instantly fired an arrow at it and initiated combat. They baby wizard flew up 40 feet into the air, music started playing and he started dancing. Another knowledge(local) check revealed that this baby was a prodigy of prodigies among wizards, and at about this time, blocks started falling from the sky, tetris blocks to tetris music. When they hit the ground they transformed into constructs and started attacking the party. When they had defeated the constructs, one last cube fell and surrounded the wizard, and he flew off in the direction of the dark cloud.



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